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Interactive Agency Solution

Use Topica’s Solution to Drive Success Across the Full Range of Online Services you Offer your Clients

Today’s interactive agencies survive on their ability to quickly and successfully deploy a staggering array of services to clients with Internet-dependent businesses or those with significant online channels. These services range in scope from building and launching Web sites and other online presences, to short-term, high-volume media buys, to full-service online marketing.

Few interactive agencies find it cost-effective or scalable to develop core competencies and supporting technologies in all or even some the areas where they have to successfully perform. For this reason, dependable partners and reliable ASP solutions are an essential component of their business. Topica’s hosted solution (ASP) provides an essential set of tools and services for interactive agencies realizing this need. They are:

Many Clients: One Solution
For interactive agencies conducting ongoing online marketing on behalf of their clients, Topica’s solution provides one simple interface through which the agency can manage hundreds of clients. All of Topica’s core functionality is available and discrete per client: each client can have its own branding, database, PBA programs, conversion tracking, lists, campaigns, forms, templates, reports, and more. Whether your agency has hundreds of clients or a dozen, the power and convenience of Topica’s solution are compelling.
State-of-the-Art Conversion Tools
For interactive agencies buying media for their clients, the key word is “conversion.” Never mind the clicks, opens, page views, etc. — the question is, how many actual customers can you deliver? While a wide variety of good performance-based ad vehicles exist today to generate leads for you, very few of them provide tools to turn those clicks or email addresses into paying customers. Our capture forms take new leads directly into your Topica database. Targeted autoresponders then help turn these leads into customers. Topica conversion tracking technology provides precise reporting on your conversion rates, proving to your clients, “yes,” you can deliver customers.
Data Capture and Email Marketing for New Web Sites
No modern web site is complete without a strategy and technology for soliciting and capturing email addresses (and other information), and storing this essential information in a flexible database where it can be analyzed, segmented and effectively marketed to by email. Topica provides a complete and robust set of data capture and email marketing tools that can be easily installed by agencies developing Web sites. Topica’s solution can be resold to the client as a service or managed for them by the agency.

Case Studies

Topica is already helping interactive agencies like yours deliver more value to their clients. See our interactive agency case studies below, or contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.

Donordigital chooses Topica’s Solution and scores a record 87% open rate and 34% click rate
NetHawk & Topica by the Numbers: 41 Campaigns over a 6-Year History for One Fortune 500 Client!

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